EnergoInfra Industry


An ideal product for total or zone heating in larger areas with ceiling heights above 3m. Also suitable for outdoor use, for example in loading bays or stadiums. 3000W, 4500W or 6000W.

Just like the sun warms the earth, EnergoInfra Industry emits high temperature radiation which warms floors, walls and other surfaces. As a result you can lower the air temperature in the room and yet achieve the same warmth comfort with energy savings of 25-50% in comparison to hot air heating. See more info on Radiant Heating here.

The high operation temperature makes the Energolnfra Industry especially suited for overall heating of applications with high ceilings, from approx. 4-40 m.

When used for spot heating in draughty working environments, the heater can be mounted from 3 m above the floor. It is also suitable for outdoor use, i.e. loading bays, spectator stands etc.

Energolnfra Industry is constructed of corrosion protected materials which assures a long life span. The casing and brackets are made of galvanised sheet steel, heating elements of stainless steel. The reflector is made of high-gloss polished aluminium.

Energolnfra Industry is available in three models, EIR3000, EIR4500 and EIR6000, see table.

The heater has three separate heating elements, 1+1+1, and is connected to 400V 3N~. It may also be connected to 230V 1~ by some internal rewiring.

The heater can be ceiling or wall mounted. Supplied fixing brackets are adjustable and can be angled in different fixed positions. The heater can also be suspended on wires, chains etc. (optional extra).

Energolnfra Industry is approved in splash-proof IP44 design for wet and dry areas and outdoor installations.

Energolnfra Industry is approved for fixed installation by an authorised electrician. Cable connections are to a 16 mm² terminal in the junction box at the end of the heater. The junction box has two cable lead-ins. Connection between several heaters is possible.

Heat control is simply carried out with use of our room thermostats and/or a 3-step switch. Where a large number of heaters are fitted, one of our control panels may be used.


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EIR 3000





EIR 4500





EIR 6000





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Wiring Diagram - Connection 230V 1~