EnergoAqua Cassette


Designed to integrate into a suspended ceiling system, but can equally be mounted free-hanging from the ceiling. Suitable for public areas, schools, offices, hospitals, hotels etc. For mounting heights up to 4 m.

How does it work?

A water supplied radiant heating system emits a gentle low temperature radiant heat to surfaces and objects in a room. These surfaces, in turn, heats the surrounding air and create a draft-free and comfortable room climate.

With radiant heating, you also get a higher operating temperature, which makes it possible to lower the air temperature in the room and thus also the total energy consumption. Energy savings of up to 20-25% are not uncommon.

The ceiling mount frees valuable floor and wall spaces, while the heating system is protected from contact and damages. An excellent choice of for public areas, schools, offices, hospitals, hotels etc.

Composition and Function

EnergoAqua Cassette LE, EAC-LE, consists of three parts: the reflective plate, insulation and the water carrying pipe. CE marked and manufactured in accordance with EN 14037.

The EAC-LE compromises of a 1.0 mm aluminium sheet metal, 30 mm thick mineral wool insulation topped with plastic covered paper. The pipes are made from copper with diameter Ø10 or Ø12 mm.

The warm water, which circulates through the pipe, conducts heat to the surface plate, warming the underside of the panel. The increased temperature of the panel enables radiant heat being emitted to cooler surfaces in the room.

Technical Specification

Lengths: The EAC-LE have a fixed length per unit of 1190, 1790, 2390 or 2990 mm.
Width: The EAC-LE have a fixed width of 592 mm.
Connections: Cassette connections are to plain pipe ends Ø10 or 12 mm. The pipe ends are bent up on delivery. Connection of the EAC-LE is made by using press fittings, push-fit fittings or compression couplings.
Inter-connections: The EAC-LE, with the Ø10 mm pipe, is intended to be used as a stand-alone cassette in a heating system. Several cassettes can also be linked in a serial connection. The EAC-LE can in that aspect be delivered with Ø12 mm pipe, just to manage the flow rate and pressure drop.
Suspension: EAC-LE can be mounted into a suspended ceiling system with grids of widths 15 mm or 24 mm. It is however equally suitable as free hanging from the ceiling, using the included rod hangers.

Further information regarding capacities, pressure drops, flow rates and connection options along with accessories and controls can be obtained from our technical brochure.

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