• Invesco-Scius, Office Building, Stockholm/Sweden

    EnergoAqua Line, a clever way to guard against cold down-draughts, instead of floor mounted or built-in convectors. Be smart, think different, and you will save space!

  • Ekevalla Sports Center, Sports Hall, Eslöv/Sweden

    The sports hall was built in accordance with the GreenBuilding Program of the European Commission. The requirement of the GBP is that the building uses 25% less energy than the normally required. EnergoAqua contributes with its low energy consumption!

  • Lukoil, Car Wash, Vilnius/Lithuania

    Tough environment and rough surroundings… Water splash and moisture… It is a normal day at work for EnergoStrip in a car wash…

  • YMCA Health & Fitness Centre, Gym, Christchurch/New Zealand

    For the Y it is important to develop a healthy "body, mind and spirit". However, a “healthy” heating system with running costs in good shape was also a central point. The competent EnergoStrip was the solution…

  • Ford Multexim, Showroom, Katowice/Poland

    One of the largest car producer in the world have certain requirements when operating as a Ford dealer. Building design together with heating comfort and reasonable running cost are important for the environmental profile.

  • St. John and Paul, Church, Katowice/Poland

    When thinking of a heating system for old traditional churches, a lot have to be considered. Find out how the solution was made in this church!

  • DB Schenker, Terminal, Malmö/Sweden

    They were looking for a heating system that was effective, efficient and economical… They found it… Europe’s market leader in land transport made an excellent choice…

  • Ljungenskolan, Sport Stadium, Höllviken/Sweden

    A modern and multifunctional sport facility in the South of Sweden, close to the sea and the beautiful white sandy beaches. Used by the school during day time and by various sport activities during evenings and weekends.

  • Zone and Spot Heating, Various Installations, Worldwide

    Do you want to achieve different temperatures in different zones? Do you have heating problems by workstations, large windows, etc? Outdoor or indoor, it doesn't matter, the Energo radiant heaters are the best solution.

  • Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Exhibition, Paris/France

    Paris Expo, located in Port de Versailles, outside Paris, is one of Europe's largest trade fair and exhibition area. For many years it suffered from poor thermal comfort and unnecessarily high running costs, but the solution was around the corner!

  • Laroy Flyg - Ostermans Helicopter, Hangar, Landskrona/Sweden

    Huge doors and high ceiling. No problems...
    In this Helicopter Hangar in Landskrona on the west coast of Sweden, 16 units of the EnergoStrip EE20 was installed at 8-10 m height.

  • Toyota Center, Showroom, Workshop, Offices, Karaganda/Kazakhstan

    Toyota cars can be bought worldwide. The Toyota Center in Kazakhstan EnergoStrip heaters was installed to heat both the showroom and workshops. The EnergoCassette was used in the offices and other areas with low ceiling height.

  • The University of Auckland, Fale Pasifika, Auckland/New Zealand

    The Fale Pasifika provides a common ground for staff and students across the university to meet and gather. With EnergoStrip system they can do it... without freezing!

  • Berngarns Plåt & Järnkonstruktioner, Workshop, Lomma/Sweden

    Located in Lomma just north of Malmö. Over 120 kW of EnergoStrip heaters has been installed in this metal workshop. The heaters are mounted from 3 m up to 9 m above floor level.

  • Burger King, Restaurant, Höllviken/Sweden

    As in many restaurants with large windows there is often a problem with cold draft when seated close to the window area. With EnergoCassette we create a "spot heating" that eliminates the cold draft by heating up the windows from the inside which evens the temperature and provides a good heating comfort.

  • Chiesa di San Luca, Church, Brescia/Italy

    The church of San Luca, founded in the thirteenth century, and has of natural reasons undergone some necessary renovations over the years. However, the church has always placed great emphasis on preserving the original character. How to choose a discreet heating system for this?

  • Speckbacher Hof Alpenhotel, Conservatory, Gnadenwald/Austria

    This stylish 4-star hotel in Gnadenwald, near Innsbruck, holds a large winter garden so that visiting guests can sit "outside" close to nature, even when the weather normally don't allow it.

  • Khán, Lounge & Wine Bar, Zagreb/Croatia

    Remove your cold drafts problems by using EnergoInfra! An efficient heating, where the extra heat is required or where heat loss is large.

  • Uni-Truck, IVECO Truck Service, Zgierz/Poland

    IVECO’s service workshops are located all over Poland. In the city of Zgierz, a large number of EnergoInfra Industry EIR4500 has been installed to heat up truck workshop. Trucks need service now and then... EnergoInfra Industry requires no maintenance or service!

  • New York Pizza Dept., Restaurant, Krakow/Poland

    The EnergoCassette’s has no moving parts, it is noiseless and causes no air movement. It will reduce the spread of dust, bacteria and odor. A healthy alternative for e.g. restaurants, where hygienic indoor environment is important!

  • Zagreb Fair, Main Entrance, Zagreb/Croatia

    Almost all entrances with large numbers of visitors have similar problems - cold drafts, air changes etc. The fair in Zagreb, Zagrebački Velesajam, solved their problems by installing radiant heating instead of traditional air curtains.

  • Our Lady Star of the Sea - Sumner, Church, Christchurch/New Zealand

    On the South Island, in the outskirts of Christchurch, a new heating system was required to heat the Sumner church. The demand was that it would not interfere with the "look" of the church. We believe they succeeded!

  • Dorf, Assembly & Packing, Melbourne/Australia

    In this large warehouse, located in Oakleigh just outside Melbourne/Australia, the EnergoStrip system has been used for spot heating above all the assembly and packing areas.

  • Hotel Stensson, Conservatory, Eslöv/Sweden

    Hotel Stensson in Eslöv, Sweden, is a charming first class establishment. In the conservatory, they have a popular restaurant with a ceiling completely made of glass. The usual problem in this kind of application is to preserve the heat where you need it mostly - in the actual living zone.

  • Whitewell Metropolitan, Church, Belfast/Northern Ireland

    Situated on the shores of Belfast Lough in Northern Ireland, The Whitewell Metropolitan Church reported to be the largest church in the UK, if not Europe.

  • Villa Maria College, Auditorium and Gymnasium, Christchurch/New Zealand

    In these existing premises, the client called for a heating system that was simple and quick to install. The main reason was not to disturb the activities going on both daytime and evening.

  • Daewoo Cars, Showroom, Chester/Great Britain

    To optimize energy consumption in their showrooms, Daewoo Cars established a new standard concept. The interaction between comfort and economy was evaluated very carefully...

  • Möbelhuset Leander Pehrson / ÖoB, Furniture Store / Outlet, Ystad/Sweden

    Radiant heating is a noiseless system, providing an even temperature distribution throughout the room. The system leaves a draft-free heating without air movement ... Could it be something for a furniture store?

  • Mercado de San Miguel, Food Market, Madrid/Spain

    The Mercado de San Miguel has become one of the most glamorous spots in the city and a meeting point for gourmets. However, food alone is not enough, people also need some heat as well to enjoy the atmosphere.

  • Hargs Church, Church, Harg/Sweden

    Each church is unique, which makes great demands on sensitivity and caring attitude to changes. When Frösåkers Parish in Östhammar wanted an "invisible" heating system to Hargs Church, we listened carefully to their request...

  • Jaworzyna Krynica, Ropeway Station and Café, Krynica Zdrój/Poland

    If you have a small building almost entirely of glass, one must think in a new way regarding the issue of heating and choice of heating system. This is where ordinary routine do not work!

  • Statoil, Shop, Skövde/Sweden

    Using radiant heating from the ceiling is the art of saving space in a room or a building. If you want to have an efficient and pleasant heat that contributes to a good working environment, then EnergoCassette is the great choice for you!

  • Thredbo Leisure Centre, Sports Hall, Thredbo/Australia

    In Thredbo, one of the coldest parts of New South Wales, the Kosciuszko Thredbo Pty Ltd runs an impressive sports facility that is of world class. In the multi-purpose sports hall, a heating system is installed, that probably is of world class as well...

  • BE Group, Warehouse, Malmö/Sweden

    The company BE Group is one of the largest metal wholesalers in Sweden, with branch offices across the country. The energy efficient EnergoStrip have been used successfully in several of the company's warehouse and production facilities.