Ekevalla Sports Center, Sports Hall, Eslöv/Sweden

High Ceilings

The sports hall is a flexible building of 1500 m² with a high section of 10 m and a low section of 3 m. A nearby school uses the hall during the daytime, later hours the local handball club and athletics club manages the facility. It is a tailor made solution with significant opportunities and training areas that fits all involved parts.

When designing the sports hall, low energy- and environment points was in focus. To partially meet the criteria of the GreenBuilding Program the constructor selected water supplied radiant heating as the main heating system. With its thermal emission of 75 kW, EnergoAqua Industry contributes to a balanced indoor environment with a high energy efficiency and sustainable technology. This allows both energy savings and a superior comfort.

Radiant heating panels works without being seen or heard. They have a gentle design that blends well into different environments. EnergoAqua... Simply, a great choice for sports- and tennis halls!

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