Underbench heating offers a discreet heating system for churches, schools, waiting rooms etc. Can also be ceiling mounted up to 3 m. Slim and elegant heater, two outputs 150W or 220W.

EnergoLine is a slimline, 3.5 cm thick, low temperature heating panel which mainly emits radiant heat. It has been developed especially as a bench heater but can also be fitted as a ceiling heater.

As a bench heater it may be fitted underneath benches in churches, waiting rooms, halls, sports/leisure halls etc. It warms the bench as well as the floor directly underneath. This is a particularly good method to warm specific areas where large air volumes are present which does not need to be heated.

The bench heater has a rapid heat-up time with comfortable heat directed to where you want it, with good economy and low energy consumption as a result.

As a ceiling heater it is suited to smaller spaces with low ceiling heights up to 3 m. It can be ceiling or wall mounted. Effectively it replaces heat Iosses and down draught. It achieves high warmth comfort and energy savings of 15-25% in comparison to conventional heating systems.

The thin and elegant design blends in well with the environment and when ceiling mounted it frees valuable wall and floor space. Furthermore it is safe from contact and damage which is an advantage in public places.

EnergoLine is made of galvanised sheet steel and comes as standard in white powder coated finish. It is available in two sizes and outputs at 230V, see table.

EnergoLine is approved in splash-proof IP44 design for wet and dry areas.

EnergoLine is approved for fixed installation by an authorised electrician. Cable connections are to a 4 mm² terminal in the junction box on top of the heater. Connection between several heaters is possible.

Heat control is carried out simply with the use of our room thermostats. Where a large number of heaters are fitted, one of our automatic control panels may be used.


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